20 × 30 west face single family house plan

20 × 30 west Face house plan
20 × 30 west Face House Plan
20 × 30 paschim disha ghar kaa naksha

About plan details

This plan consists of
1 hall
1 kitchen
1 bedroom
1 bathroom
1 staircase
1 parking

About Room sizes bedroom

The size of bedroom is 9 feet by 12 feet 9 inch which is a medium size room.
The size is covineint for keeping bedroom shelves or you can say it as cupboard.
The size is almost sufficient for 1 single family

The size of bedroom is very well enough to place a single bedroom over there

As the wall size took is 9 inch which is strong enough to hold the capacity of the weight of the shelves

About kitchen and its direction

The direction of the kitchen or its location is at the south east corner of the plot . As it is correct according to vastu also .
As scientifically people choose the location also

Here above you can see the size of the kitchen .
As the size is 6 feet 6 inch by 8 feet 9 inch.
Which is small enough and a medium size standing kitchen
As you can see the image also.

This is my first ever blog . How you felt about this blog please comment your opinion and thanku for your precious time

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  1. Hii senior can u explane 540 sqft/15×36 size of area can u design small construction with in these particular size of area.

  2. My plot size is almost same 16.66x36 ft. Need ground plus 1 floor.
    In ground need car parking, 1 room, 1 hall, kitchen, combined bath n let. Pls advice me the plan.



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