18 × 45 west face house plan map naksha

18 by 45 west face 1bhk house plan

Plan details 

Topics covered in this plan 

  1. Plan details
  2. Room size
  3. Column size 
  4. Column position
  5. Cost of construction 
  6. Time for construction 
  7. Cost details 
  8. Workers required in it
  9. Built up area 
  10. Carpet area

Parking size and details

As the size of the parking is 16 feet 9 inch by 10 feet and this is this place a different site so one thing I want to say is that this place is for gardening for post and can be utilized for mini reason is it going to help you very much I'm in the parking sizes in of supposing future if they were going to come in front of the Road Extension going to happen then there you can mod compound wall and even Ten Feet Tall so you can extend their which is going to be High people. So this is the best method and spaces enough for keeping parking near bikes as well as small medium-sized cars  backside you can take the normal size cars
               × now let's more to someone other plants let's enter into the house let City design thank you

Staircase width with details size and shape 

The states are located at the west corner of the plot and the size of the Racer taken as 6 inch and the thread taken as 11 inch which is most comfortable and in this image you can see few more details also like ok around total 20 to 22 steps you can see in the image let's see the image

The staircase details 

The size of the stair case is a as given in the above image and the around 20 to 22 steps can be seen here as in the above value.
Now let's enter in to the hall as the hall size is normal and you can enter their to

Hall size details

The side and size of the hall is 16 feet 6 inch by 13 feet 3 inch which is the most enough for entering in to there as the size is fine enough to move there and you can keep there sofa set as well a television also which is the best option there and hence you can make a better decision there now let's us discuss about the few more details regarding about this plan and now let enter in to the kitchen hall and the kitchen hall is as below now let us take the kitchen size which going to be boost you 

Kitchen details 

The size of the kitchen us taken as 13 feet by 8 feet 9 inch as you can see the size got reduced by the following way and the size is as below taken here this is a one type of standing kitchen which been taken in the following method and now I going to show you few more details as taken in the following way and the one thing I going to show you as it in the same method 
Now we talk about the common bathroom

Common toilet and bathroom size 

The size of common bathroom is 7 feet by 3 feet 6 inch as you can see there and now let us see about it now lets talk about the ventilation in the bathroom and kitchen aslo as the bathroom is as follows

Ventilation details

As the space has been left at the back and the ventilation size is 3 feet wide and the used for the following method as given above and now let us discuss about the ventilation purpose this is enough for smoke going outside and fine to

Bedroom size details 

The size of the bedroom is small enough for many purpose and the size can be taken as 11 feet by 13 feet which is used to be most fine and now let us discuss about the cost of construction

Cost of construction 

The cost of construction is around 10 lakh Indian  rupee which you need for the following way and can be construction is very beautiful and decent home which is used to be as in the following way as described in it and now we can say few more about it as in the given way 

So I hope this going to be help you a lot in the construction of your beautiful house and is going to be the best design for you and now let us discuss about few more details as in the given way

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