25 x 33 north face house plan map naksha design

 25 x 33 north face house plan map  design

  1. this is a simple house plan in which today i going to discuss about it
  2. as the plan consists of 2 bed room 1 hall 1 kitchen 1 attached toilet and bath and common toilet and bath

  1. hall size 10 x 13
  2. lobby 5' x 8'6'
  3. kitchen 10' x 7'
  4. passage 3'5" wide
  5. w/c 4'6" x 3'
  6. attached toilet and bath 3'7" x 4'6"
  7. bedroom 13'2" x 11'
  8. bedroom 10' x 11'

now the detail explanation about the houses and the room lets see and check it

  1. hall 
      the size of hall is 10 feet by 13 feet 8 inch 
lets see it in the image as you can see now

the hall along with the kitchen is attach to it acts as both kitchen cum dinning area
and the size of bedroom is 10' x 11'
as the window is taken at the north east corner of the plot 

size of window 

  1. hall  5 feet by 4 feet or you can take as the size as 6 feet by 4 feet for good ventilation purpose
  2. size of window in bedroom as you ca take it as 4 feet by 4 feet as it is the standard size of the hall and the shelves can also be taken
  3. window size in kitchen can be take as 4 feet by 2 feet 6 inch as the window is taken as upward due to some reason. the first reason is it can be due to the stove or the gas stove purpose
  4. size of the window in the dinning can be take as 4 feet by 4 feet depend on the availability of the space in the room

sizes of shelves

  1. the size of the shelves are dependent and you can take them as height as 7 feet and breadth as 6 feet wide and length as 18 inch
  2. the bedroom also same taken 
  3. in hall there are no shelves 

size of lintel and sunshade is as below

almost 6 inch thickness been taken and width been taken as the size of the wall
the size of normal wall is almost 9 inch and the size of the brick can be taken according the given standard size 

few other images are as below lets see and subscribe my channel awesome house plans and construction as below

photos of bed room

size of bedroom as above you can see it

the master bedroom as below can be taken as the given size

here the attached toilet bath along with the common bath rooms been taken as below the following methods and design as reached below 

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  1. Sir kindly 14×16 hall attached bath and 12×14 bedroom attached bath single story map attach karo na plz



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