30 × 50 west face house plan map naksha

30 × 50 west face house plan map naksha

The plan consists of the following room details

  1. Hall 
  2. Kitchen
  3. Master bedroom
  4. Children bedroom
  5. Guest bedroom
  6. Portico
  7. Attached toilet and bathroom
  8. Common toilet and bath room 

 Topics covered are as below 

Plan details 
Column size used
Column rod size used in it with details

The above images is the plan of 3bhk house and now in this I going to explain you in details 
First of all this is a west face house plan 

Let's discuss about this plan and details 

Children bedroom

The size of the bedroom is 8 feet by 8 inch by 10 feet which is a normal size bedroom

As the children bedroom is located at the north east corner of the house where the bore well as well as the well is located as if you want you can take a sump also and best place for these in it 
The size of bedroom is fine and sufficient for the self purpose as it is best place 
Now coming over it lets discuss about the other place let's talk about the other room in it 

Puja room 

Lord room 

As the size of the room is 4 feet by 4 feet which is normally sufficient for doing prayer according to the hindu belief of the persons 
And most suitable and comfortable for all the persons . Now coming over here lets discuss about the other thing in the plan



Normally the location of the kitchen is at the south east corner of the house and the best place according to vast also.
As many people believe that this is the best place for the kitchen position for the people

The size of the kitchen is 11 feet by 10 feet which most sufficient and enough for making the place as it is best place for it and now the size is also better for eating one person on it
The other thing about it is the location and the time off it 
The other bedroom size is as below 

Extra bedroom

Bedroom size is 11 feet by 9 feet

The size of the bedroom is as above and is the comfortable size of the bedroom
11 feet by 9 beet is also ok size. Not too small not too big as it is the place and most correct one if you don't want that bedroom then you can remove that bedroom also suppose you can make that as a dining area also. As the bedroom is attached with the toilet and bath room which is fine and enough for the person living in it 
Now coming to the master bedroom

Master bedroom

Living area also called as the hall as the size of it is 12 feet by 18 feet where you can keep the sofa set as well as the new things which you want to keep in it as as to discuss about it in the above plan now you can see it here as it is most comfortable for you and your family as well as to play the children's also 



The size of the portico is as the above the size is 13 feet by 11 feet and you ca  park a bike as well as the house car which can be a swift desire also 
As the car can be easily parked here and some small space will be left over there and you can see there to as it size is enough

Master bedroom 11 feet by 12 feet

Master bedroom size is almost the standard size as you can see the size is almost very comfortable for shelves as well as the keeping a bed in it and hence this is the best place for the head person of the family members for to stay there and good location as the bedroom is located at the south west corner of the plot and is most sufficient also hence it is the best place for it also 
Now at last we see few more images which you not to see leta see the images as given below in the design of the plan 

Stairs along with the bedroom and all 

Nest this is the 6 feet wide stairs which been place over here so the total number of the rose and the treads been here I'm the place 
The height is the rise been taken as the 6 inch and the height of the bread been taken as the 11 inch as it is the most sufficient and enoght for the house members also 

Now other images as given below 

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