40 × 31 north west corner plot house plqn

1200 square feet noth west corner plot plan details with column

Topics covered in this post

  1. Plan details
  2. Column sizes 
  3. Cost of construction 
  4. Time for construction 
  5. Few more details

Plan details

  • Hall
  • Kitchen 
  • Parking stairs
  • Bathroom common
  • Attached bathroom
  • Wall sizes 
  • Bathroom Sizes


the size of the parking is 15 feet by 13 feet which is far enough for one bike along with cars aslo if the car sose is small and medium sizes one 
                   Road is located at the north face and the plot is a corner plot north west corner plot


The with and length of the stair case is at the given location
The width of stair case is 6 feet as the 3 by 3 feet for each one is necessary

The length of the staircase is depend on the number of the riser and the angle of the stairs
It includes around 12 to 14 steps in the first flight and 6 to 8 steps in the 2nd flight.

Septic tank location

The location of the septic tank is below the staircase and the size of the septic tank is around 4 by 9 feet and depth 8 feet total is enough. It costs you around 40 thousand for reinforcement septic tank and it is the most durable one

Hall size 

The size of hall is 22 feet by 10 feet and is most enough for keeping sofa set as well as for tea table also and is the most beat place location as it can be located at the most beat place. 

If the length of the hall looks very long then you can take in between a partition wall for it and the partition wall can be made as the storage for your house as it is far better then the any other.
Now let's check about it and see the details of the rooms 

Dinning area and the kitchen size with details

The size of the kitchen is around 8 feet 3 inch by 12 feet 3 inch without lord room. And you can see as it as in the image 

 The size is as above in the photo and as it looks very sufficient for all the work and for eating in the dinning room. But the one negative thing here is the no lord room is included here

Bedroom 1 size details

The size of the bedroom is as below and it consists of the following way as above
The size of the bedroom is 10 by 11 feet and it is located at the north west corner plot and can be used for the students and the children's in the home

Common toilet and bathroom position 

The size of the bathroom is 4 feet by 7 feet and is enough for many purposes as it is far better then of it now let's discuss about the other portion of the house

As in the image you can see the clear image and is enough for the family members for it

Master bedroom size details

Master bedroom is located at the south west corner of the house and is the best place for the house members and the head of the family for resting and sleeping purpose
The master bedroom is attached with a toilet and bath room whose size is 4 by 10 feet and is with dressing also
The size of bedroom is 12 feet 3 inch by 11 feet with which is more enough for the family members for their comfortable purpose as you can see it here

2] column sizes 

The size of the column taken for the construction is 9 inch by 15 inch commonly called as 9 by 15 and is can sustain the load coming over it for their better work and the progress of it

The number of bars used here are around 12 mm and 16 mm you can take it around 16 mm 4 bars and 12 mm 4 bars in the Columbia as it is the best part if it and can be jold all the load coming over here
Let's see few more images 
The cost of construction is around 20 lakh rupees for this you have to buy and construction in a better way as far as possible 
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