Aluminium Upvc door window sliding doors

Upvc sliding doors and windows

Hi every one today I going to explain in this blog about the PVC window door design and the sliding window with few details as you can see it my blog
As the size of the window is 4 by 4 feet 

Size of window 

The size of the window is 4 feet by 4 feet and it can be as calculated as above leta talk and discuss about it as in the above let's see it have look ove it 

Corner window frame

as in the image you can see this is a top rated corner windows with beautiful look and it looks too great with the better and beauty. As the glass are the cooling glass and give a very cool effect in nature and looks very great as you can see it in the image as it looks very nice and beautiful si now leta we discuss about some more point to be noted let's see in it 
As these are very costly and very cost effective as it gives a very cool look to your house there fore it is far better then any other colours so that's it 

Simple window frames other one 

These windows are most commonly used in all the places where they are going to be used and is the very cheap as compared to the other sites of the houses hence this proves to be very cost effective.
                      These types of windows are very vist effective and to good for us as well as for all the people who are living in the home.
The colour is white paint and can be easily be painted over it the paint separate guest  and in between the middle the strips been used and looks to good and great as the size of the window is 4 feet but it been divided into 3 parts as it is is the best method and can be used in many ways to far as possible and can be checked it in the many possible ways so it great as the cost many be around 3000 to 8000 depend on the type and the quantity you are bringing hence this proves to be very economical and looks great 

 Simple window gate steel

As the size of this is 2 feet 6 inch un width and 4 feet in height. As in the images you can see it in many ways as given below 
As in the outlet area this been used and the size been mentioned here. As the size is far better and looks very cool as in the image as this is the best part of it.  In between the steel grills been used and looks very good and better 

Window details 

This is a PVC window size with white colour an looks good beautiful 

As the white panels been used and the size is around 5 feet as it looks far better then any other 

Sliding doors and size

The size of the door is around 5 feet two doors been used there and the doors are too great and looks far better then any other this type of doors are very beautiful and are too good hence this provide a elegant and beautiful look so I request you all to have over it and study for it

This us a window which is been going to place there and hence it looks too great also as you can it there and the design is also so beautiful and hence the cost is dependent on the size colour and the type you are using for it so this looks to be very great and better one leta have look over it as this type of doors have 3 tires and amount one is middle has the mosquito net to protect the person fro. The mosquito and it is the beat solution to protect them and hence us the best way for you as well as to all of us and hence can be done in many ways also.

Now let's discuss about few more simple window designs and the designs are as below as shown in the graph let's see and check over it 
Grills to be taken inside or at the outside of the window and hence as it looks to be very cool and beautiful and hence many people like to use this type of windows in their home and it is the best choice as per the given following way and great looks .
The girls are of the size square in shape and height is aboytvthe window until these are made from the wood and looks very great and cool now let's see few more designs withe the photos let's discuss

These are the cheap and best window designs as you can see it in the home and leta you see it as given below the size of the window taken as four feet by four feet and it looks very viol and fine as the window is located beside  the door size and hence best location also as you can see the design  aslo thanks for watching it as do follow about it let's have looks over it 

And this is the kitchen design window 

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