Latest Kitchen tiles vetrified tiles bath bedroom front elevation tiles

Latest Kitchen tiles vitrified tiles bath bedroom front elevation


Hi every one today in this post as I going to discuss about the few tiles and mat designs which you are going to see in some of our videos as you can see them as below let us see it

 Cost of the tiles with details

 As in the images you can see the design as these are the vitrified tiles and these are used in the gallery or in the houses where you can see some more beautiful designs
As the picture itself describes that the cost of these are around 120 per square feet and may ranges from 2 to 4 lake in between as you could see it here so now let us discuss about the few more details of the following details as you can see

Bathroom elevation tiles

As these are the bathroom elevation tiles which are used in the bathroom and the toilet room and hence are most best as the colour us white along with the few flowers are there and hence looks very cool and very beautiful also and now the flower 
 Which been used here are the normal one the white colour takes lots of time to clean but the colour is best for any purpose also now we can do some more designs as well as few more details of the following design and you can see there also there three type colours been added here and now let us discuss about the few more designs

Parking tiles vitrified

As this type of titles are mainly been used in the parking purpose and hence can be used in many ways as you can see it here and the 
 Colour may be available in many ways as you can see here the diagonal shape colour is the best one and can be in very good looking one as the few more tiles can be added here

Gallery balcony stones

As this type of stones been used for the gallery and the balcony designs and can be modified in many ways also 
 The lines in between used are the best the diagonal shape is the best one the black colours are included here and the cost is around 600 per box and available in different patterns also there are many patterns which are available and the different patterns are about cream in colour and the other pattern is the light grey color and the best pattern as the above in the images and these are the non slippery color as Type one thing best is beauty

Kitchen elevation wall tiles

These are the kitchen elevation wall tiles and Tye wall tiles are as the one centre and can be the the light grey colour the colour looks cool and decent one this
 Has many choices  and available in many patterns also the color may be red black and white colour also as the color looks cool and best color

Same type other pattern 

This is same mainly used for the kitchen tiles purpose and can be used in the bathroom also as the platform of the kitchen is 2 feet in the width and the platform is as above as you can see the size of the kitchen is normal and the tiles which been used are 1 feet by 2 feet in length and breadth
 The sizes are available in different types and the sizes many available as the size may be of the sink as in the kitchen platform the strips been added in between for some reasons as the reason may be as above and hence can be obtained

Window design 

In between window been taken the size of the window are around 2 feet by 3 feet or you can take the size of the window as 2 by 4 feet also as the size of standard size 
 In between the iron rods been taken as the rod size are as above and the care to be taken that is not to be obtained as the care may be such that the fire should not be misplaced the bore to be in the north east corner of the plot

Vitrified tiles in bathroom and bedroom

In bedroom this type of tiles been used as the size of the tile are 60 centimeter by 60 centimeter and hence these are available in
 Different brands as above the size of the tile and the cost also many vary from city to city and place to place as the cost may be around 4 to 5 thousand for the rooms and hence now as I want to say some thing about the few patterns that is may be around the following ways as given and hence now a few patterns been used

Circular gallery round shape tiles

This is the separate price and the shape of the tiles are square in shape but you can make in different types that is in the following ways that is the cost as well as the design and the design patterns are available in the following ways as available that is the cost as given in the way 
 The circular round shape tiles are the diamond shape cutter one and are included in the most best way as the size of the tiles are 1by 1 feet that is 12 inches

Gallery utility tiles elevation wall 

These are the elevations tiles used in the gallery purpose 

 These are easily available in the mark est and the cost may be as above the cost it you around 200 for 400 rupees

Gallery stones 

Same type with different images
 Looks very beautiful and design patterns also

Bathroom tiles 

The color of the tiles used in the bathroom are the white colors and the there types tiles been used the colors may be pink blue black and red colors as these are the India type tiles and this is the best one and can be used in the following g way as you can see it here in this method 
 Cool and most lyrical type one used here

Side angle image 

From the point of view these tiles been used and the walls are as above 

 Granite choked 

These are the costlier one and can be used in the following way as seen in the following matter the cost of the granite is 100 to 200 per square feet as it looks very cool and brittle one and hence it is the best part as is used here and now let use as for more  the cost and the design used here is as above 
 The chocked and door frame also used here

 These are also bathroom tiles used here

The best at the entrance level and the cost is as above in the following way as above you can see it here 

 Cost of tiles and the design pattern
 The best white tiles used here are as the above one and it included as the different patterns also
 Corner side of the tiles granite design

Type bath room tiles uses here

 Pupa room design tiles
The lord room sub type been used and the looks very great and good likening as you can see it here and now we will let us see here
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