Latest pop false celing design

Pop gypsum false ceiling design with patterns

as these are the few more images as you can see few designs

Flower shape design from pop board

As in the design you can see it here the flower shape design can be seen as the design consists of six leaves the leaves may be of the following design and those design may be of white color and even you can apply different type of colors also as the color may be of the following type green red blue orange or golden pale color also you can apply so in this way it going to be made 

Cost and price details with material

As the cost may be in the lump sum as well as in the square feet way 
 As the cost is 50 rupee per square feet and it costs you around for 15 by 10 feet hall it costs you around 15 to 20 thousand rupees
Running feet it costs you 27 to 30 rupee per running feet and is the best method for it and now we will discuss about the few more details as been given in the following way as done now we will discuss about some more designs

Heart shape pop false ceiling designs

This is the heart shape design as it takes lots of time to make a beautiful design and the most useful for you also in many ways 
 Design been made in the children bedroom and the bedroom size may be around 10 by 11 feet in length and as well as breadth the size of the room is the comfortable one and not neither big nor too small as it is OK one

Some more photos

As you can SE the double and the single heart been used here and the cost may be around 15 thousand for making this type of designs and as it looks very beautiful as well as so cool also
 If you see there the ceiling height around 11 feet as the 9 inch to 12 inch space been taken by the false ceiling down design and is very much comfortable one an now you can see here some more ceiling designs as the design been over layers from one another to another one and looks very cool and great one

Side angle design

As in the different side you can see the image as it is round shape been taken and the design looks very cool and brilliant one in between fan box will come the box size may be around 2 to 3 inch which is in between one 
 And hence it is so cool to see all around the way at all size two buttons are given and even you can make some more important designs also
As this one below

At the side wall design 

When we come across the design at the side walls you can see the arch type been taken as the arch looks not so beautiful but also looks OK a d fine one as you can see it here as the size of the arch is cool and the better one now we come across the other mode of the ceiling design as it looks very cool and beautiful one round cutting been taken here and 
 The size of also comfortable one as the one plug been taken and the other side you can see it here as the below

Round shape arch design

As in the photos you can see the round shape designs still it looks not so attractive but also it is the most beautiful one and can be added to the following ways as you can see it here and then the most durable one is all about the design which you are going to see is all about the following method 
 As the size of the arch is around 9 inch to one feet and how the cutting been made you can take one tread and then can make the mark on the board and can be designed

Heart shape design

As the same as above you can see the heart shape design a d the heart shape one is as below the cost you around 12000 per room and then you have to apply wall putty to it
 Presently only this much and for more details you can see the images as above

Rectangle shape false ceiling design 

As in the image you can see the rectangle shape design and the design may be included in the following ways as the design been taken over it and in between  pores been taken
 As the depth of the ceiling board is 6 inch below it's like a dome shape one type and in between you can take fan as well as the glass also.
Same type ceiling

 Rectangle and square ceiling design

This one is the rectangular and the square shape design as it has around 3 pores at each side and us symmetric in shape that is each side same equal opening been made as seen here in Th given figure
 In between fan been taken and the fan size

Same type design

This is also a same rectangle type design as it costs you around 1200 rupee per metre square a d the few more thing I want to say about it is the design pattern which been used in the following matter 
 And down more images as you can see here

Gypsum ceiling design

As the ceiling design can be seen in this way as described in the following matter as you can see it here 
 From other Angle
 Side and top view of the ceiling pattern
 This is the other type ceiling design as you can see it here
 Round avalanche design in the pattern as you can see it here
 Round oval shoe pattern as you can see it here
 Rectangle shape false ceiling square design and then in between the square been used in it as in the image been seen here

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