Main door windows and puja room door designs

Main door window puja room door designs

Hi every one my self engineer. And today in this post I going to show you some beautiful photos of doors as well as puja room door designs lets discuss about it and please be help to see new upcoming posts also let's check it out on my blog as the previous blogs also can be seen

Topics covered 

  1. Main door designs
  2. Size of door
  3. Few puja room doors 
  4. Types of doors with images
  5. Few more extra images along with best ideas
  6. Cost of main door 
  7. Type if main door
  8. Wood quality if door

 Main door with this type of design

As in the image you can see the main door design with the best and beautiful machine cutting been done as in the design you can see it. OK now lets talk about the other few designs also but before that u want to discuss about its wood quality and its pattern which been used here. The wood used is the teak wood and the African teak wood is the best wood but the cost us so much so we cannot hire it and so as to provide it later in the few more stages as in the images shown 
                        Tye width of the door is 5 feet within that the one glass as well as the wood cutting been done over here let's see the place so that you can be done over her and the design is looks very cool and elegant 

Few more doors 

The doors pattern are of very different sizes and can be done in the many different types of designs and let's see about it
The same door wide angle

Window with door

Here you can see the design window with the door as you can see over her the door size and the along with window is also available and hence it looks nice along with door 
            The size if the window is around 5 feet by 4 feet as the height is 5 feet and the length is 4 feet and it is better as so you can see in the image also and now let's discuss about it few other photos

Puja room door designs 

The puja room door is the most important thing in any one's life and hence it can be the best design ever and let's talk about the designs also so here I can show you few more images which you can see here let's discuss about it
As this is a lord room door pattern 
And here you can see it few more patterns also. The size of the door normally ranges from 2 feet to 2 feet 3 inch and the size is comfortable also as you can see it in the images also and let's discuss antipathy few more designs also let's check it out and show few more patterns as you can see over here.
             As in the image you can see the polish colour paint in this type there are lots of designs available and this type of designs are far better than any other designs as you can see over here so how want to show you few more designs as in the images lets see it and discuss about it

Few more doors with cost

The cost if the door ranges from 30000 to 50000 that is thirty thousand to fifty thousand depend on the type of the wood and the quality of the wood the grade is also very important in this way you can see the pattern also and now let's discuss about few more patterns as in the images 

Wood with durability and quality

As you can see in the images that the doors are of front elevation which gives beauty to your house and hence let's now see about it as the design looks very simple but beautiful also now you can see the images also 
Let's us see the corner door as in the images it has two doors been fitted here and those are one for the main door and other is the for bedroom cum sit out type door and hence it is also a type of design as you can see here and now few more designs you can see let's discuss about it in those pattern also as in the above design 

Her you can see the door with front look and the door is very beautiful looks 
As both the doors looks of the same size but Type of door used is if the best quality and hence it has to used for many reasons also and the door has one as the main entrance and the other has the without long window 
Handles are attached over here and the handle are as below so this is the handle size around 9 inch but commonly using are around 6 to 9 inch size and as it is the best part of any place 
The good one colour and the polish is very important in it
And I can show you now few more design patterns which you want to see as these looks very great and the machine cutting been done here and the cost is around small doors are sound twenty thousand and hence best for many reasons 

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