Kitchen platform vetrified bath tiles granite ceramic tiles

Kitchen platform wall tiles ceramic bath and vetrified tiles designs

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you all to the blog awesome house plans com so in this blog we are going to discuss few more images of the kitchen tiles where wall cladding has been applied and the size of the kitchen how much height has to be to and how much size required for the kitchen so few more details as in this blog I want to discuss and explain you in detail

suppose if you are like to me suppose our blog then please do share with your friends also so in this blog we will see detail  let's check few more details and for what purpose it going to help you in that also and the type of tiles design kitchen design so many blocks husband wrote regarding this and this is the another one type of blog which I want to say you as you can see in the images

Hasn't images can see the tiles designs of this kitchen platform the size of the kitchen is around 7 by 12 feet as it is dining come kitchen area the kitchen area is around half of its dining area suppose if YouTube dining area as 7 feet and the kitchen as 75 that it's around 12 feet to 14 feet than it is very much comfortable for YouTube below the shelves has been taken over there and the cells are made from the 8 mm rod has been used here at mm rods are very much comfortable and elevation tiles are applied over there as this thing has been given and the same size is comfortable for washing your utensils washing utensils and you can keep clean every time so let us just few more images of these kitchen tiles wall tiles bathroom tiles and many all this

Kitchen wall election tiles

As you can see here in the
image this is the another one kitchen whose tiles are applied in this way these times are very beautiful and can be used in many other ways the tiles used by the kitchen are very nice and good looking small cup tea has been used as the image and available in the market The tile size is around 1 feet 6 inches to 1 feet and it cost you around 100 to 200 rupees per square feet
 This type of tiles for available in the market easily and can be used in many ways and suppose if you need in bulk order in bulk quantity then you can give on there any shops suppose you want to give order then you can visit your nearby shop tiles are you will get Mini of the designs are the few examples which I wanted to show

Other tiles designs

Here in the image you can see the different types of tiles designs and this type of triangle and looks very good and beautiful as compared to the IMO image and in the images from see it as well as the storage for tea and few small fruits insurgency what details and beautiful cubs both been attached one is horizontal another one is vertical and a small sink and the water tabs are given there so this is the best one
 As these are easily available in the market and can be purchased from any of the shops suppose if you need in any of the village then you can visit near by district

Side view of the kitchen platform

This is this side view of the kitchen platform in this side view you can see here the granite platform is a flight there this type of platforms are very better and much comfortable and give a very high glossy look as the platform sizes 12 to 24 inch so normally there are available in the market or for comfort view you can take
maximum 24 is and comfortable way can take around 21 to 22 inches
 The colour of the tiles are not so much attitude as these are the look appearance but however you can use this type of the look tiles also but when this get that it look when it will be done so our this type of tiles you can use little bit high glossy  finish Matte finish are not much more useful for you

Kitchen beside utility

Kitchen beside utility has been given and the size of the kitchen is 7 by 15 inch and it is 7 feet by 15 feet with dining area futility has been taken beside it so that if you want to watch utensils then of person can use it for interview purpose where you can wash clothes also as the colour of the you today is fine and Square type shape has been used that no via will discuss some more about it
 As the tiles used for utility a little bit brown and white in colour

Kitchen plat form down side view

As you can see here the kitchen from the downside view here you can completely see three sons are there one chance for keeping the cylinder and the sink and one is for keeping the red chilli and many species are available there and one side for washing utility that is for watching your utensils and all that Windows size in can check their the size of the window is around 4 feet by 3 feet of course you can take smaller size also grills are applied over there and gravel has been applied over there is the size of this values as below
 Size of the sarees are taken around 10 years for ever you can keep one of the budget session is going to help you lot and I will always also same as like the other now we will discuss some more design ideas of this let's see this is also same we but from the side has been taken kitchen platform and kitchen shelf and download this type of images and you can share this blog with your friends in the WhatsApp Facebook Instagram also you going to help you a lot

 Bathroom tiles and designs

As in the image you can see the tiles applied over the wall of the bathroom tiles ceramic tiles are used but these are normal elevation tiles below there are three types of tense using below brown colour white colour and text has been used in between and about their are the white time and however which type of tiles are very much better and help you in many ways
 As this type of files are non sticky and can be applied over the walls is going to help you lot this type of child's maintenance cost is very much low and no need to maintain as these are very good and better as compared to other type of tiles however you have to clean the utensils and walls daily so that no any sticky material should get attached over the tiles as you can see here and one thing I want to say is that the cost of construction and daily images also
 As the type of colours are not so attractive as this colour is decent colour and help you a lot
 One single window has been applied over there when you click from the side view we can see the windows small and the elevation tiles very much bigger
 So here you can see some of the details also these tiles are comfortable and in bathroom other review has been shown now we will discuss some more bathroom tiles which going to give some ideas for your house propose let's check it

Another bathroom tiles designs

This is the another bathroom tile and this colour is not so much attractive as in between white and Outer layer has been used as brown colour it looks like a brick has been used but these are not actually break these are the high glossy ceramic tiles however on the wall side you can use hydrocele times but as this you very much Shiny when you put the lights on
 So always used a non cyclosis styles which helps you or not available in the market and cost around 200 rupees per square feet is going to help you a lot now let see some more details about it as you can see over here

Flower type tiles

As you can see their flower type tiles have been used and this are very much decent you something happiness to you while taking bath and while doing So it is very much best and these are also available in the same cost and distance are weak as compared to the other now let us check few more strength test about the other things as you can see there so these are very good and now let us see you more design ideas about it so this helps you are not how you felt about this images in can comment work here blower also few more images can see
 the human images as you can see here colour is light cream colour and pink light pink flower has been used
 At the below floor trap has been used which is located at in between
 Same images vacancy year and you want you
can use the planet chocolates also the few more images we can see the same bathroom floor has been given a child
 Maintenance of the slope is very much necessary which you going to help you a lot otherwise the water won't get flesh quickly or it will only get dry and the leakage problem starts

 Here you can see some more detailed designs of the bathrooms these are used here there are lots of designs in this block so I can apply in your home So that you can get some more ideas
 2D ke Dosto Is video mein filhaal bas itna hi hai Jitna Bhi Chahi Mai bahut kuch bataya Hoon
 As this type of tiles not look so much attractive but even though you can use their however if you want to use it can use or if you are not getting or not getting any idea about this just you show this image to the shop person you may going to get this have many advantages and disadvantages before applying to the wall you have to wait in the water so that it does not absorb cement water and it will get stick properly

 Indian sitting bathroom

As these are the Indian sitting bathroom and this type of bathrooms are taken little bit height as it has been to cover 9 inch height so that the work of plumbing takes place as if you are Indian thinker then you can use Indian sitting bathrooms as you are Western thinker you can use western commodes
 The cost of the Indian sitting is around minimum 1500 maximum depend on the quality and the brand the minimum Indian sitting cost is around 3000 and maximum depend on the quality which are using there are many brands available in the market in the pipelining and in the plumbing work I saw many of those on Jaguar brand
 This is also another time bathroom which we can see there

 False celing design

These are the false ceiling design as these are very light in weight and use good look and appearance in your home as these are very quick work and can be used in any of the places as you can see here that in set saree below so that it helps you a lot
 The small circle type colours has been used the colours are Orange green black light cream colour and few dots

 Thank you for watching this blog for saying this below so how you felt about this please comment
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Thank you so much for watching this and how you felt about this block please comment in the comment box and related to this any query or any problem or you want to suggest any improvement then of course you can come and you are here which going to help ocelot and in future what you need about that also please comment and what's your requirement that also necessary so that according to your requirement we can make some beautiful patterns designs is going to help you lot in upcoming days an overall presently in this blog this much only thank you for your precious time and knowledge
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