Modern Bathroom tiles and house plan ideas and designs

Modern bathroom designs furniture ideas and patterns

As in the image you can see it here the let's discuss about the few more details of the house plans as you can see here this sitting position this is a western bathroom and this bathroom consists of all type of materials like for washing your hips

 and all those propose also as these are very comfortable and maintenance is also very low as this type of bathrooms are very good find easily available in the market but the cost depends on the quality of the material this type of bathrooms are little bit costly and this looks very good and looks very come also one thing I want to say you is about this type of bathrooms as this bathrooms are very handy cheap best quality as I want to say you some of you more details about this bathrooms as well as the furniture design ideas so that it going to help you lot in future also let us talk some more designs about these bathrooms ok

Other side view

As you can see here in the image this is the other side of the bathroom and the bathroom looks very cool and very much clean so this cost may vary from 10,000 to 15,000 rupees and it also depend on the quality of the material and the ceramic which been used here and here the Italian Marbles are used but I recommend in bathroom you can use only the ceramic tiles and wall tiles the the other place means where the water gets stores know that one Bean and closed or and Trapped In The granite Marbles
 As you can see here this been totally and Rapid and the flash system been at a height of 3 feet the toilet room position is little bit below around 4 to 6 inches and the first step is above 6 inches which looks very cool and better one as compared

Water taps and rounders

As you can see in the image the water traps and their founders are used in that if you use rotate at in clockwise direction it will get on and if you rotate in anticlockwise direction it will get off this is the procedure for using the water using hard as well as cold water both the water been used this is called the water mixer also and now let's talk about the

 Led shower

As this is the LED shower and it consists of lots of colour the colour maybe green pink red yellow white full warm colour it also depend on the type of the colour using here so this is the best and good one while taking bath and while taking shower it looks very cool beautiful great
 So I recommend you to use this type of method as it is the best way and hence it going to help you all lot as well as it is it cost may increase as this are very much costly so you can avoid this type of things in your life

Modern flush system

As you can see here the total flash been inscribed in the box so this is a model flashes system and it going to help you a lot the flush system is better one and it been attached by the marble and Granites so that it will do not look all so this is the best way as you can see in the image I recommend you all to do this type of method
 And even you can apply this method in your home also and also it is a very good and better way as you can see in the images one thing I want to say is about the cost of construction has the extra cost to be given to the workers and the labours it is time taking process and takes little bit more time but the results are very good

Dressing table

As if it is a bathroom or a small or big bathroom but the dressing table is the most important thing in any of the bathroom as it required very much message really so one thing I want to see you is
 As the you can keep mirror at the wall side and remaining one you can keep their also so this is the best way as you can see here and the modifications can be done plywood laminate sheet furniture work will give you a beautiful look to the bathroom but you should use a good quality and a better quality one

Smaller doors

This is a high glossy small dogs which are used for your bedrooms as well as in the lodgers also as this type of those are very much pretty and gives a very beautiful look to your room also while entering into the room for any person if the door beauty is high glossy or the beautiful those are available for beautiful those are applied on the wall then it gives a best and cool look to you so I recommend you use best quality and better quality doors
 Now while discussing about the door and the lock the lock should be very good as it is a drop lock and handle lock two types are available where you can use only key or else you can use many other thing

Furniture king size beds

Has Here they comfortable and king size beds has been used as this type of beds you very comfortable and a good sleep to you as well as your family and this type of words are little bit costly but however you can manage by taking loans and this type of beds are very good and you can use in many ways also
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Almira shelves 

As you can see here the animal cells are also can called as the dressing table which is included in your dining area as well as in your bathroom also so in the bathroom this type of dressing table is looks you are very beautiful look to your bathroom and give five star local so however after getting but you can change your for changing clothes
 For changing class if the dressing table is in the bathroom then it going to help you alot for you so it's comfortable with the main thing if you are spending money more on your daily life then first see the comfortable ok don't bother about money however money can be yesterday

TV showcase

Here you can see the TV showcase which are applied opposite to the bedroom opposite to the bedroom TV showcases Mustang necessary and while sleeping you can see the TV showcase
 As however nowadays people are not getting time even though they are watching TV watching mobile so no necessary to spend more money on the TV showcase as it going to you less and more.

Granite tiles

 granite and vitrified tile and the entrance it looks very beautiful and looks very come so this is the best way but I would like to recommend you on always use granite instead of using vertified tiles as this type of tiles have long life and gives a better look however marble can be very much better but it will be very much costly so granite is the best way you can apply in your home
 As the colour of the tiles or granite is not that much beautiful but however after making polish it will look hi glossy and it gives a very beautiful look to your life as well as bring something creative Ness in your life

 Simple bathroom

HD Sada simple bathroom side very much cheap the cost of this sitting position is around 4000 to 5000 depend on the quality of the material and it is located exactly at the centre and its side the walls been applied to find was ceramic tiles and bath tiles as these are non slippery which are placed at the bottom of the bathroom
 Not a discussion about this line discuss about the doors and their designs as these are costlier one but gives a very good and beautiful look to your home

Simple doors

As you can see this simple doors and this type of roads are no costlier and can be used in many ways this type of colour is also best one as you can use here
 Now we are going to discuss some more details about this type of those as here lemon should be applied in between and the 6 inch gas has been left and then border Patti has been applied there and this type of those also look very beautiful elegant and cool look and the in between triangle or diagonal shape also give a diamond cut as this is a very fine and kholo and the lock used is Godrej one this type of Doors cost is around 4000 to 5000 but somewhat this type of those are Peter bit costly very around 10000
 This is a TV shelves as you can see here at the backside the laminate sheet been applied as their laminate sheet cost is very much as these are the Vinal type sheets and it cost you to buy 8 feet to feet by 8 feet has you can say and it cost is around 3000 rupees to buy 8 feet however to suits when apply and around 4000 rupees 25 thousand rupees been given here but these are long lasting I am give shining to your home
 Dissimilar but little bit zoomed image has been took and when you go near and see it it looks this time and also a very beautiful look
 Suppose if you want to construct a single bedrooms however you can use single but also three sharing to sharing these are available in the big cities and in small cities also this type of bedrooms are available and single sharing double sharing triple sharing for sharing also available in the Lodges
 Yeah you can say they all the sharing single bed been applied all the over and headboard is there so this headboard is little bit Hai Tera but when you use the sofa so this looks very cool and better look and use very beautiful look
 At the stairs you can use this type of granite tiles as these are harder and much stronger use long lasting long life and helpful very much the model party applied over there and use beautiful look and it looks very good also instead of using plain you can use it surrounded by it
 The size of the Riser and tread are taken as below for staircase you need around commercial building you can take a span of 7 feet 363 feet 6 inch or 8 feet 4 feet and 4 feet is this pen is very much comfortable 11 size is 4 feet and the Riser size taken as 6 inch thread size taken as 11 to 12 inch instead of taking anyone else you can take to a link as it is a better one hand use very much comfortable to you
 The Steel railing used here is Jindal brand as this brand is very good and this brand is long lasting and gives a warranty period also the design of the Steel railings are also looks very good as you can see here suppose if you need any other type also you can apply there are many ways many types are available in the market however presently this one looks very good and better so I recommend you on this one to apply in your home but this type of our very costly however you doing to help you a lot
 At the turning side between bended slowly slow by slow step by step between band aid over there so that as extra care to be taken and help you a lot

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